The Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA)

The Indonesia Regional Science Association, or IRSA, is an association established to actively promote the advancement of research regarding issues of development, particularly regional development, across Indonesia. Formed in 1997, IRSA organizes annual conferences in collaboration with its university partners across Indonesia. Website:

Magister Agribusiness Postgraduate Program – Pattimura University (Unpatti)

The Magister Agribusiness Postgraduate Program (Magister Agribisnis) was founded on 23 March 1976, with a steadfast vision of becoming a self-reliant and distinguished postgraduate institution, excelling in the development of science and technology tailored to island contexts. Our institution is dedicated to fostering excellence in education and research. To realize our vision, we are committed […]

Faculty of Agriculture – Pattimura University (Unpatti)

The Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) was established on 1 September 1962, with a clear vision to become a leading center for learning, research, and the application of science and technology in the realm of natural resource-based agriculture, particularly in the archipelagic region. Our institution is dedicated to nurturing excellence, character development, and the preservation of […]